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Please note: This is a fully functioning website with a live membership. However, whilst Acommunity is in its infancy, activity may be limited as the membership grows in numbers. Business Owners may wish to note that Standard membership with a free business listing provides excellent value for money and is unaffected by membership numbers, as the marketing and advertising of their listing is to a much wider audience than just our membership. The availability and usage of Acommunity fundraising vouchers and business coupon, deals and discounts will of course be dependent on member, business and community numbers and engagement.
Interested in something like this in your area? Looking for partnerships in above areas and new connections elsewhere. Like to help your local community? We need Community Builders. More here

Share ideas, dreams, skills and enthusiasm and help make your area a better place to live. Connect via this website, meet like-minded people and use our Voucher Scheme to translate ideas into action. Join and get a free £10 voucher to spend at independent local businesses and demonstrate real support for where you live. We can not continue the economics of infinite growth on our finite planet. Invest in your local community and share in our vision for a New Economy less reliant on large corporations, banks, globalisation, National chains and Big Government!

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6 Reasons why YOU may want to Join in and help too!


Great Value

Standard Membership for less than 50p a week! (£24 paid yearly). You should easily re-coup that with the great exclusive deals and discounts. You also get that warm fuzzy feeling by naturally helping a local charity and supporting your local economy and community!


Save Money

Find local community-minded shops and tradespeople in our Businesses Directory. Access offers, deals and discounts. As an Acommunity member you can get vouchers to spend with participating businesses and in your high street. Introduce friends, family and colleagues and stay connected.


Make New Friends

Sell stuff in the online community, or maybe swap, share, rent, borrow or gift things. Join our time bank where skills and interests are exchanged for time credits. And while you’re a member doing these things, you’ll make new friends, build community ties, support local projects and strengthen your local economy!


Buy Local

As a member of Acommunity  there is no extra charge to enhance your local independent business listing in our Directory. Our membership is a ‘warm market’ where businesses can build their reputation with a receptive target audience. There is also a Premium option to market offers, promotions and to participate in the Voucher Scheme (a Complementary Currency fore-runner).



Initiatives are emerging focused upon a more ethical, caring, sustainable, inclusive and connected society. Social, economic and environmental concerns are issues that you can help address at a local level, by a shared spirit of giving rather than receiving. We can be a conduit to allow you to achieve this. Communicate, Collaborate and Cooperate where you live and build something better for everyone.


Less Is More

Access is the new ownership.  People recognise the waste in our throw-away society. The change starts with you and where you live.  Create a place based upon trust, sharing, community and collaborative consumption. Acommunity gives your locality the platform to achieve this


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