Blog: (From Wikipedia). A truncation of the expression weblog. A discussion or informational site published on the internet consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order.

Blogs today tend to be used for online journalism. They can take the the form of microblogging (like Twitter Tumblr) and vblogging (video blogging). Many focus on a particular type of content or technology.

In fact a blog can be anything you want it to be!


Blogging done right, is good marketing. Great for SEO, promotion in social media, more customers and inbound leads


For a website like this, a WordPress one, Login as an Administrator. Navigate to the Dashboard and find “Posts”. Click “Add New”and start blogging. The actual displayed blog posts for this website can be found by readers here:  https://acommunity.co.uk/blog. To see how to create this blog in the first place, see here


Adding the Tag “featured” in a WordPress blog will place the post in a prominent position on your blog page. It’s like using a sticky in a forum.

Do …

  • Plan
    Before getting any where near the “Publish” button, spend a few hours, maybe days, planning the words, effect, impact and objective of your post.
  • Research 
    Check your sources and your facts. People won’t read you if you give wrong information.
  • Headlines
    Make them strong, specific, catchy, attention grabbing
  • You
    Be yourself. It is what will keep them coming back…. or send them away.
  • Focus
    Write for your target audience, even more niche is even better. Become an expert on your subject. What do they want to know, what resonates with them.
  • Links
    Link to other websites that contain supporting information. Link to your previous posts.
  • Images
    Make it pretty. Break up the words. Pictures explain complex topics. Try here. Make sure the images are not copyrighted and read any attached Terms and Conditions. Set a featured image, which will display almost as a headline.pexels-photo-large
  • Post to Social Media
    Shout about your posts.
  • Respond To Comments
    Be sure to respond to ones that need a response.

Don’t be…

  • Straining Yourself
    No need to post every day just for the sake of it. But do get into a manageable routine.
  • Grammatically incorrect
    Correct a miss-steak mistake when you spot one. Don’t be lazy. Readers need to take you seriously. Give the blog a professional quality. Get someone else to proofread your post. Run it through a spell and grammer checker, like wot I did wid this pest.
  • Negative
    Be positive, uplifting, inspirational, supportive and giving.
  • Boring
    let your enthusiasm for the topic shine through
  • Writing long paragraphs
    Long sentences are difficult for readers to digest, both mentally and physically especially when reading on computers. Use lists where possible. Break up text, use sub-headings.


  1. Simon 5 years ago

    I would just like to commend you on your test blog.

  2. Mr Subscriber Tester 5 years ago

    What a great test blog. You are a natural test blogger! This is also a fab test comment.

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