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What are the Benefits?

Attracting more business could be a great reason to join! Another could be to build loyal customers; as well as marketing to everyday consumers, we connect with your neighbourhood and help the local community and good causes. Local independent businesses are the bedrock of a community and as such we have priced your standard listing extremely competitively, ensuring exceptional value for money. WE CHALLENGE YOU to find any National or local organisation offering the same benefits for less. We are so confident, that you won’t, that we promise to reimburse your join-up members fee if you do! (Promise ends within 28 days of joining).

What you get

  • Appear in Search Listings with Name, Address, Telephone and opening hours.
  • A mini Web page allowing you to add 8 pictures of products and services
  • A free-form text business description area
  • Add Opening Times
  • Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Share your business page on FB, Twitter, Diggg, Linkedin, PinInterest etc
  • Link to your website if you have one
  • Be seen as actively supporting local good causes
  • Email contact address
  • Geo map pinpointing your location
  • Customer Review Feedback
  • Special Offer free-form text area
  • Send your Acommunity business page to a friend, for customers
  • Allow other members to favourite your business
  • Online Forum for Community exchanges
  • Messaging service to talk to Acommunity membership
  • Personal Facebook-type Profile and communication with other members
  • Google Analytics for page hits
  • Association with Acommunity and their community supporting branding
  • If you want, get involved and provide ideas for our local voucher and currency schemes


That’s NOT a month or even quarterly…  it’s £24 A YEAR!

Yes each year, you get all of the above constantly working for your business

We believe local businesses underpin and are a focal point for their neighbourhood. They provide a place for social contact and conversation. They give an alternative to the supermarket for those without a car, that are not on the internet, who deal in a cash economy and shop on smaller budgets. They are part of a vibrant and healthy interdependent local economy, providing employment and business for nearby shops, producers and farms. When a Superstore opens, local businesses close. Local retailing reduces supply miles and green gases, offers variety and choice and helps to create sustainable communities.

After expenses, all our profits are currently re-invested in the local community. It is doubtful whether any other traditional business could offer you this internet hosting, exposure and advertising of your business included in an inexpensive Standard membership (that offers many other non-business benefits as well!). Most Business Directories, whether local or National, will be charging at least 5 to 10 times this amount or more for similar business listing details.

Upgrade your Basic £24 a year Acommunity membership and propel your business to another level! Show the local people you serve that you value their custom and care for the community that you serve.

For a regular £30 a MONTH, you can also:

  • Attract more business via printable discount Coupons that you can create and track online
  • Add video content
  • Upload unlimited pictures
  • Participate in the Fundraising Voucher Scheme (forerunner to our Community Currency) which brings other marketing and advertising aspects along with a unique community and charitable angle
  • Become a featured business

Value for money

  • £30 a month – no VAT
  • a third of your contribution goes to a charitable community fund to help local causes (your business is highlighted as a community supporter)
  • a further third is re-invested to produce vouchers to encourage spend in local businesses (your business would be able to accept them)
  • comparable to many local advertising methods but with unique currency and community involvment

Premium Membership requires a visit from Acommunity  to ensure your business meets our requirements. Please contact us

For further details please read:


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