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Many members of Acommunity are local independent business owners. The option to add discount coupons to their directory listing, to promote special deals and offers, is a powerful way to connect with the Acommunity membership.
ALL Members could save more than their £24.00 annual membership, from this one benefit alone, by searching for discount coupons from local businesses in the directory. Any business that has a discount Coupon is clearly highlighted in their listing.

A goal of Acommunity is to keep trade local. This can have many benefits for everybody in the area… but we also know how every penny counts. If we can encourage members to use local businesses, and they get a great deal at the same time, then there is a win-win for everyone!

If you are an Acommunity member who owns a business, you can list it free in the directory. Go to your profile page and select the “List it Here” link.

Members with listed businesses can also use our Discount Coupon system, and encourage other members to deal with them, by offering exclusive promotions.

To add a Discount Coupon

  1. Go into your member profile
  2. Click “Listings”
  3. Click your business listing that you wish to add a Coupon
  4. In the right hand sidebar click “Create/Edit Coupons”
  5. Follow the simple instructions

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