Forum FAQ

Q. I’ve never used Forums, where do I begin?

A. Welcome Newbie! No problem, we’ve all been a newcomer at some time. You can see an overview of our Forums here. I guess you’re not sure what to post, how it all works or maybe how to get the conversation going. Forums are great places to make new friends, obtain advice, share ideas and to get to know your community. A good place to start would be to ask a question or share a new idea. See the next few questions to learn what a topic is and how to add a topic and get the conversation going

Q. What is a topic?

A. It’s a Forum discussion point. Commonly called a “Thread”. They are the lowest heading level of a sub-forum, under which you would start a discussion or “Post”. eg: The tree like directory structure could look like this, Acommunity Forum (our forum) >> Malvern (category) >> Shops on the high street (sub-category) >> Restaurants (sub category) >> Indian Takeaways (subcategory) >> My Favourite  Indian Takeaway (topic/thread) >>  This is where you start your discussion or post.

Q. How do I add a new topic?

A. Follow the instructions below:

  • go to “Forums ” tab or click here
  • fill in
  • preview
  • click submit button

Q. How do I reply to a topic?


Q. How do I follow responses to my posts?

A. When you create a forum topic or post you are automatically subscribed and will receive an email if there are any further posts.

Q. Are there any rules I have to adhere to?

A. Yes please. They are mostly common sense and generally require you to be civil and respectful. See them here

Q. Are there any more Questions?

A. No

Q. What’s this then?

A. An answer


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