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The irony of our ultra connected online world is how disconnected we all are. Living as we do preoccupied very often with the superficial, the banal and the trivial, stuck to our keyboards or glued to our smart phones, just like you probably are now! Meanwhile, we all quietly crave more meaning and substance to our existence. Such meaning is nearly always found in shared real world purpose. Within these forums we aim to try and establish what that shared purpose is, before we venture out collectively to turn a vision into reality. See our hope for a New Economy here >>


It is a good idea to understand the meaning of some of these key words in our forum. Please adhere to their meanings and post accordingly!

  • HEADING:  The very top generic titles
  • CATEGORIES:  The top end of the actual forum area
  • SUB-FORUM:   A sub-category
  • THREAD or TOPIC: The lowest level of sub-forums under which the separate conversations, made up of member-written posts, takes place
  • POST: A member written discussion/conversation/message/question etc
  • OP: Original Post or Poster
  • TS: Thread/Topic Starter. The original post that started the thread
  • STICKYED/STICKY POST: Threads that are important are stickyed (pinned). A sticky thread will always appear in front of normal threads.

What is our Forum?

It’s a friendly discussion or conversation area on this website. Acommunity Members can post written discussions and read and respond to posts by other forum members. Our forum can be focused on literally any subject (but see the Posting Rules here). Forums are also called message boards, discussion groups, bulletin boards or web forums. Forums differ from other similar internet discussion areas. A BLOG for instance, is normally written by one user and usually only allows for the responses of others to the blog material. A forum usually allows all members to make posts and start new topics. In a CHAT ROOM members usually all chat/communicate at the same time. Members in a Forum post messages to be read by others whenever they happen to log on. Forums also tend to be more topic-focused than chat rooms.

Mods, Admin and Be Nice!

Our forums have moderators and administrators who may monitor and participate in the forum. A Mod/Admin can modify threads as well as move or delete threads if they deem necessary. They guide any discussion to make sure the forum rules are being followed. Comments may be pre-moderated or post- moderated. Community forums are at their best when participants treat fellow posters with respect and courtesy. We ask, therefore that you conduct yourself in a civilised manner when participating.

Forum Structure

The forum is tree-like in structure, it can contain a number of sub-forums, each of which may have several topics. Logically forums are organised into a finite set of generic topics. You can add your own topics that you wish to discuss. However, please ensure that you add topics to the appropriate Category, so that the tree-like structure remains logical and other members can easily find them.

The very top of our forum has Headings. The Headings will be controlled by our Administrator to retain the forums structure. Headings are used to organize our categories. Our forum contains multiple categories. Each category can contain multiple topics. Each topic can contain multiple posts.

For example:
You can have a Category called “Malvern” where users would talk about things related to Malvern, a Category called “Tewkesbury” where they would discuss all things Tewkesbury, and a Category called “Gloucester” where they would talk about stuff in Gloucester. The Heading for these categories could be called something like, “Your Area” or “Your Locality”. The heading is just used to organise the categories. Headings can be helpful when you have many categories, allowing members to choose the category that is appropriate for their discussion.

Heading:   YOUR AREA  (Headings are finite and controlled by Administrators)
Category:  MALVERN
           Topic:   My favourite Malvern Restaurant   
                         SubTopic:   Favourite Indian Restaurant anybody?
           Topic:   The hills in Malvern
           Topic:     Do you like the alleyways?
           Topic:     Volunteers needed for Charity shop
                        Your Post:     I am free on the weekend between the hours of…….. 

Within the context of locality orientated discussions, the idea is that you could make new friends and connections and some may share goals and aspirations for where you live. You can then perhaps meet up and translate these discussions into action and tangible results. Meanwhile discussions across different localities, grouped under other Headings, are were we may learn from each other, make friends across the country and develop ideas and action of what we would like to see in all communities.


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