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    I truly believe that historians in years to come will consider the period we are living through now as truly transformative. If not then will the last out please turn off the lights. Quite simply what we currently have is unsustainable. We must create something that is. Such an economy has no place for rampant greed, obscene levels of waste & hording by the few at great cost to the many, driven by fear. An abundance mentality will realise that the planet can happily sustain us all with enough. Enough is enough.


    Well today l spent my ACommunity voucher at Greenlink making history. It felt really good to be part of the first transaction that has happened here in Malvern in connection with this new venture. I so want this to work as its time we became the change we want to see in the world rather than complaining about how crazy it all is. If you are looking for someone to empower you and encourage you in a new sustainable venture such as this, do contact me. I am Simon’s Life Coach and would love to help you to achieve your dream too! EmmaMary

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