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Acommunity is a Hub supporting and connecting local communities. A meeting place for local people. We help to grow local economies and build strong, sustainable businesses. We are a platform for co-operation, where local people can connect, and engage to build a better place.

We suspect society and capitalism in developed nations may have progressed too far. That a fairer economic system and a return to community and to a traditional village way of life may redress some of the balance. A return to a place where everyone knew each other and where people felt they were part of something and felt protected. Where there existed shared values and goals, trust and an unforced willingness to give and receive.

We believe we thrive and enjoy life more when in a healthy connected community. Its how life on this planet naturally works. We depend on it from family, friends, tribes, schools, churches and clubs. People rarely feel capable on their own.

One of our focuses is the local economy. We encourage local purchasing from local independent outlets by consumers, businesses, institutions and government. Economic sustainability, social and environmental sustainability forms the bedrock of happy and resilient communities. Our Voucher scheme, marketing and advertising, increase the overall market share for local business by shifting purchasing towards local, independently owned businesses.

We are not alone in our thoughts and actions. There is a ground swell of opinion that believes the current system is unjust and unsustainable, reliant on infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.

NefTheRSAPositive MoneyQuakers and BusinessTransitionNetwork-Logo The Robin Hood Tax

People are searching for a “New Economy”. There are many organisations that question the current status quo and propose their own version or practise a “New Economy”; Positive Money, Transition Towns, The Stroud Pound, NEF, Quakers, Co-Operative movements, many and varied Community Interest Companies, and endless others.

Maybe there will be a complete change to a Gift Economy (; where goods and services are not exchanged, traded or sold for value received, but rather given away without ANY explicit agreement for immediate or future reward.

The Peoples AssemblySocial Enterprise UK   False Economy   Big Society CapitalMove Your MoneyCommunity Currency Gateway

We are certain the current financial system will change. It’s just when. What the new landscape will look like is anybody’s guess. We hope it has some of the elements we describe here and those vocalised and utilised in the aforementioned organisations. We make no apologies for drawing on some of their great ideas. Indeed, we invite individuals active in these areas to join our platform to pool resources and exchange experiences and to use our flagship Voucher scheme and subsequent Complementary Currency to further their goals.  

ACommunity has serious and professional objectives, but the journey is about having fun, meeting new people and above all helping others!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller


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