Our Complementary Currency

Acommunity hopes to introduce a Complementary Currency in various Nationwide locations, where there is sufficient interest, support and financial backing. This will tend to be in areas that have a thriving Acommunity Voucher Scheme in operation.

Acommunity £1

These are the possible final designs for our Complementary Currency. We aim to introduce three values, £1, £5 and £10.  The notes will be different sizes to help those with a visual impairment. We considered other tactile features to help distinguish denominations but cost made this prohibitive.

Acommunity £5

Interestingly the Bank of England has not included Braille on National notes as according to the Royal Institute for the Blind, very few people now read Braille. They say it is also a feature that may wear out and could serve to mislead if it became incomplete

Acommunity £10
Acommunity £10

All notes were designed by Simon Carter in consultation with Orion Print, who have many years experience in the production of local Currency both in the UK and Europe. Click any image to take a closer look.

What is a Complementary Currency? 

Complementary Currency is a regional based means of exchange. It is used to supplement the national currency system. It is not legal tender. Some people may refer to it as Complementary, alternative, local, community or regional currency. Here in the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority refer to such currencies as Gift Voucher schemes. Last time we counted, Worldwide we think there are over 4000 complementary type currencies!

So in a nutshell, it’s a means of exchange that is designed to be used by local people and businesses to keep cash in their locality.

Here in the United Kingdom there are examples in Brixton, Bristol, Cardiff, Cornwall, Totnes, Liverpool and others

These currencies are usually set up to address specific issues. Most usually attempt to change peoples spending behaviour and  increase financial stability. Common aims are to use Complementary Currency to boost local economy by getting people to shop locally and to help community development. Other aims include sustainable environmental and social development ideas.

Complementary Currencies are community based and should be set up with the involvement and backing of the local people and organisations that will ultimately use them.

The Acommunity Pound

A local economy leaks wealth when money is spent at a shop, business or with a tradesperson that has more connections outside that locality.

The Acommunity currency won’t leak outside a defined participating locality. It remains inside that local economy, keeps money in local pockets, supports local businesses and strengthens the community. Spending money at a National chain doesn’t do this.

Our currency will be a fun way to make people aware of their local economy, enquiring where their money goes and finding ways to keep it from leaking out.

Using our money for production and consumption closer to home, could potentially reduce carbon footprint through more local supply chains, provide an identity and place of being for local people and provide beneficial publicity for an area

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Contact Us for further details of how we can help your local community and use our existing designed and secure currency.

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