Spend Your Acommunity Voucher

£10 Acommunity Voucher

£10 Acommunity Voucher

Please note this page is all about your £10 Acommunity fundraising voucher (picture above and more details here>> link opens in new tab). For details of merchant discount Vouchers/Coupons being offered by local businesses exclusively to Acommunity members, please find them in the Directory. I know its confusing isn’t it. We are in the process of re-naming all business vouchers offered by businesses to “Coupons” which we think makes more sense.

Find participating businesses in your area


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Use your Voucher with participating local businesses. Click the Tabs above to find great businesses in your area. This is what the Voucher was designed for, to keep money local. more >>


Every Voucher is underwritten by British £pounds. However, the same as is the case for Gift Vouchers generally, they can not be exchanged for cash. (Except by Business Owners after completing a transaction)


Send your Voucher back to us. The value immediately goes into our dedicated Fundraising Account for local good causes


Hang on to the Voucher. The expiry date will of course lapse and the Voucher loses its spending value. However, all is not lost as a corresponding £10 value will be added to our Fundraising Account for a local Charity.

Featured Businesses

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