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Acommunity provides members an inclusive benefit of access to our time bank.

Time Banking is a facility to exchange members skills and services, where time is the medium of exchange. One hour equals one hour equals one hour, regardless of the type of work, profession or skill you might trade.

Time banking is a great way to bring people together and to unlock the skills and resources that exist within every community but which so often go under utilised. It can be a a way to get things done outside of the usual commercial channels, things that very often are left undone or are simply not provided for because there is no obvious profit. But profit is an interesting concept, often viewed far too narrowly. Within the context of a time bank it extends to the profit that exists within the richness of relationships, within growing friendships, and within a feeling of self worth and contribution that our monetised world all too often ignores and fails to value.

If you are not familiar with the Time Banking concept, you can watch the short video below (4:51sec).

Membership of Acommunity time bank is free within your already paid for membership, but you are required to register separately.

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