Vouchers – Benefits for Businesses

Acommunity’s Voucher Scheme puts local businesses at the centre of its workings. Existing Acommunity members, that are local business owners, pay £10 a month to participate in the Voucher Scheme. Without the independent businesses buy-in and support, the Voucher Scheme could not function and local good causes and community projects could miss out.

So unsurprisingly there are a number of great benefits for those businesses willing to participate.

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more business!

people are looking to spend their vouchers somewhere, and as more and more Vouchers get into circulation, who knows what could happen!

you’re special

take part in a special and unique scheme demonstrating tangible and visible support for your community. You’ll be at the forefront of promoting local shopping and local sustainable supply chains making a stronger economy for all

advertising & marketing

extra exposure on members website showing your business as a Voucher participant. Business details on reverse of Voucher

community connections

become more widely known in the neighbourhood as consumers discuss your support of local community and seeyour name on reverse of the voucher

double your marketing value

your marketing budget will double-up as you advertise and promote your business and give to local good causes at the same time

provide connected offers

for example give 10% off to a Voucher holder thereby encouraging Voucher use through your business and word of mouth advertising as consumers discuss your deal

growing network

be part of a network of Voucher participating local businesses, trading and obtaining Services from each other. Liaise with other businesses and provide complementary promotions

data collection

collect personal details of Voucher users for future marketing


see clearly the benefts of your investment

Sounds great, where do I sign?

You need to be a local independent business or tradesperson to participate in the Voucher Scheme AND a member of Acommunity. First things first… click the join button below to become a member, then contact us to express your interest in the Voucher Scheme. A member of the team will then be in touch.


We're not here right now. Send this form and we'll get back to you asap.


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