Vouchers to Complimentary Currency

Acommunity’s Fundraising Voucher scheme is the fore-runner to our local complimentary currency.

Fundraising Vouchers can only be purchased by Acommunity members. They are available in amounts of one or more whole £10 units. They can only be spent in local participating businesses, which has the benefit of keeping trade local.

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How the Voucher Scheme Works

Our Voucher Scheme starts with a £10 contribution from a local business. The flowchart below shows how we could help businesses, connect and strengthen communities and fund local good causes.

Benefits to Contributors

Many businesses support charities and good causes. We could debate the reasons for their generosity, which may range from strategic what’s in it for me philanthropy, to totally anonymous selfless donations! The fact is businesses do tend to earmark a good causes budget, whether that is a regular formal commitment or a one-off contribution.

For local independent businesses overall budgets are smaller and margins tighter, wanting to support a local good cause in the community that you live in can be difficult. The Acommunity Voucher system taps into a small businesses existing marketing and advertising budget to make this expense work harder and provides an additional outcome of helping the local community.

As most independent business owners know, they need to promote and maintain their profile through a variety of advertising channels, using various mediums of communication. Our £10 voucher idea provides a web and social media presence as well as a tangible real world awareness.

All our vouchers have to be used in local participating businesses. So joining the Scheme could mean more business and build long term support from local people, as well providing a visible demonstration of a businesses value to their community.  More Business Benefits >>

Benefits to Voucher Users

Supporting local good causes

You identify yourself as a supporter of locality, independence and caring for the environment

Many participating businesses give you a special discount

By spending locally you help to increase local supply chains which in turn decreases carbon footprints

You support local independent shops an trades helping local businesses to compete against larger National chains and Superstores.

You help your local economy. The Vouchers you spend ensures money stays local

Further Information

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